COVID – 19: Some Considerations – Payroll and Insurance

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In order to try and be pro-active and help our clients where we can; we have put together the following in order to provide some help and guidance. Please note that this is just that – help and guidance; if you want de facto consulting regarding your situation then please contact us and we can […]

10 Strategies to Successfully Integrate a Deal

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Even the best planned deal causes disruption during integration. Here’s what is suggested to avoid the ten most common integration mistakes: Start planning the integration 60 to 90 days ahead of the target close of the deal. Plans should include an integration strategy to help prioritise workstreams; complete operational, cultural, and risk assessments; and secure access […]

Nimble thinking takes the lead

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The race has changed for finance professionals. A new mindset is necessary so they can take a more holistic view of the organisation, enabling them to make quick, confident strategic decisions and communicate forward-looking insight throughout the business. If any CFO or FD sat down at the beginning of each of the past six years […]

How audit committees can help deter fraud

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At Trifin Financial Services we realise that fraud is at an all time high. We have relevant experience in small and large businesses and are able to help you ensure that your financial environment is secure. Please feel free to contact us for an explorative discussion as to how we can add value to your […]

6 Tips to Mastering the 90 days in an Accounting Job

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Near-mastery of a new accounting job during the first 90 days is critical for new hires, survey data suggest. More than half (54%) of the 2,200 US CFOs polled by financial recruitment firm Robert Half Finance & Accounting said newly hired accountants have less than three months to prove themselves in the new job. “They’re […]