10 Strategies to Successfully Integrate a Deal

Even the best planned deal causes disruption during integration. Here’s what is suggested to avoid the ten most common integration mistakes:

  • Start planning the integration 60 to 90 days ahead of the target close of the deal. Plans should include an integration strategy to help prioritise workstreams; complete operational, cultural, and risk assessments; and secure access to due-diligence documents.
  • Ensure the company’s operating strategy and integration strategy are aligned.
  • Prioritise workstreams to deliver the most business value. Assigning specific business benefit values helps prioritise workstreams. Reporting to senior management about the integration should focus on high-priority workstreams.
  • Have integration managers and leaders report on progress and problems to at least one senior executive to ensure consistent focus and accountability.
  • Create a communication plan that includes frequent updates for all stakeholders, communication drafts for senior executives, and an FAQ log that can be updated weekly and shared with affected employees.
  • Manage programmes to achieve synergies – by stress-testing targets, confirming costs, and making synergy-related workstreams a high priority.
  • Properly resource integration activities. This may require securing external resources to offload special projects.
  • Develop a formal end-state transition process with anticipated timing and clarified roles and responsibilities, and document deadlines and deliverables with tasks that aren’t completed.
  • Clarify the business strategy and operating principles of the post-integration company as soon as possible.
  • Collect feedback from all stakeholders to continually optimise the integration process.

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